I am writing this reference for Amy Detter, painter, not because she asked me for one, but because I want to put in writing how wonderful she was to work with when we recently remodeled our basement. Amy was asked to paint the entire lower level of our house and the interior of the garage. This involved 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, a utility room and an entry space. She also painted all of the trim and doors. And then I requested that she paint the interior of our 2-car garage which involved the ceiling and all walls, including the stem walls.

Amy was quick and efficient. She brought all of her own equipment, packing it away at the end of every day and cleaning up after herself as she went. She worked effectively around all of the other tradesmen who were there at the same time. Communication is key in tight quarters at finishing time and Amy was adept at painting in the midst of all that was going on. Read more...

Everything that she touched was improved. Amy first made surface repairs as needed, and the finished product demonstrated her skill at this. When she applies color she uses a lot of paint and the surfaces are smooth and even when she is done. Her lines and edges are straight, and she "draws" them on without needing to do the masking that an unskilled person like me requires. It was a revelation to watch her work. Even the garage looked more "finished" when she was done painting a line along the bottom of the walls.

She has very high standards for her craft and she scrutinizes everything carefully before she is satisfied. I am a fussy client when it comes to painting, and I can vouch for her skill and my satisfaction with her work.

Amy has a strong and confident sense of color and, at my request and after considering the paint colors I chose, made some very helpful comments on furnishing my rooms. I value such assistance. She is a reliable judge of color and future clients could benefit from this talent.

Lastly, Amy is very personable. She can apparently speak to anyone, even the more taciturn tradesmen that were working at our house. It was really a pleasure to have Amy working here. She is a gem and I wish her every success.
Jane R.
Portland, Oregon
Amy is the only interior painter we trust on our job sites.
Mitch Speck, Owner
Specktacular Home Remodeling
Sandy, Oregon
My wife and I are planning to sell our home soon. The interior needed to be painted dearly. A personal friend had Amy paint their interiors and suggested we give Amy a call. Amy responded quickly and was over to give us an estimate the next day. We instantly liked her professionalism and cheerful attitude. Amy was very knowledgeable and helpful. Not knowing her personally, I had to wonder how she could do it "all by herself". The labor portion of the estimate seemed reasonable and we were going to purchase the materials/paints on our own.

So we went with Amy. She has been on the job and on-time everyday. And works steadily ALL day. I have been around and never noticed her slacking at any time. So she is giving us our monies-worth. Her skills are excellent. While brushing an edge, her hand is as steady as a surgeon. Amy is - an Army of One!
Rod & Arlene F.
Portland, Oregon
Thank you for taking the time to do a good job.
Jerry H.
Sandy, Oregon